PP package & portfolio opened Option 1

About us:

Considered the innovator of tailored technology for the fashion industry, at cDs Global we enable our clients to market themselves effectively electronically. For over 20 years we have consistently been the first to introduce tools that are now taken for granted in the running of the modern agency.

The migration from paper to the digital environment is one that was started a long time ago and we are proud to have pioneered several of the big digital shifts in the industry.

The transformative power of cDs led to…

Digital Booking... as early as the early 1990s we had a calendar booking system in place with most of the major modeling agencies

Video and image sharing... we developed a software packaging system that enabled the industry to send their traditional photo portfolios as a digital package instead

Integrating systems… one of the most popular examples of this is updating one detail that synchronizes across all the platforms including the website

Automating email and SMS… notifying individuals of bookings as they are confirmed and scheduled

iPad application…specifically for the modern management agency

PP package & portfolio opened Option 1

Our History:

Within a year of starting cDs Global, our founders Jérôme Maréchaux and Bradley Zetler, had opened for business in Paris, and quickly New York followed – signing Elite International as our first client. Within months our innovative digital bookings software and digital portfolio creator was being used by all major modeling agencies across the globe.

We offer support to clients in 28 countries and have gradually increased our global footprint to ensure that our quality continues. Employing full teams of creative and interactive designers in America, Africa and Europe, as well as service and support agents across the world, this looks set to continue for the next decade.

Our wealth of experience has led to demand from other industries. Thus, we now service a range of clients in a multitude of sectors and business sizes from boutique agencies to global powerhouses, from independent artists showcasing their latest exhibition to world-renown photographers displaying amazing images of travel, food and couture.

Today, cDs solutions are used by the most successful agencies around the world and our software and websites are tailored for every type of agency in any country or region. International networking and relationship-building has been at the forefront of the company’s success, which is largely credited to its dedicated global support teams.

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