Managing a diverse range of people for small, individual jobs one day followed by large en-masse jobs the next, means an agency requires a robust, reliable platform that can effectively manage the people on your books and communicate with them. Send CV’s or resumes as well as videos and images to your prospective clients with ease.


Streamline your calendar so you can select to see what really matters at a particular time, whilst still not losing sight of the bigger picture.

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Showcase your Talent!

Agencypad is the perfect tool for creating digital portfolios and professional presentations. Create beautiful portfolio packages with high-definition images, video and resumes or allow access for models or talent to do this themselves. Upload multiple images and videos at once – in any size, any format and edit portfolios while you’re on the move. Send your presentations to other agencies, prospects or clients and Agencypad will notify you as soon as they are opened.

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Search simply & quickly so that you never overlook a potential candidate.

Easy categorization combined with a powerful search functionality enables you to quickly identify who is available and suitable for a job, according to stats, skills and specialties.


SMS and Email

You can keep track of who you have contacted about the jobs in your system through email and SMS.


Super Secure Cloud Hosting & Storage

We understand how important the safety of your data is. All cDs Global products offer enterprise-level hosting and we backup your content every hour. Being in the cloud also means your data is accessible every second of every day – from anywhere and on any web-capable device.


Live Support Whenever You Need it

cDs Global has its own dedicated, in-house support and development team who are constantly hard at work maintaining, improving and optimizing our products. They also offer the best support you’ll find and have years of training and experience.So if ever you’re stuck and in need of help, just give them a call – anytime, anywhere.


Synchronize & Simplify your Finances and Integrate with Accounts.

Keep all your business management integrated through Agencypad. The comprehensive financial feature is versatile for every major market and region – accommodating the different percentages, currencies, VAT and tax systems used around the world. Simply set your preferences, enter in your amounts and let the technology do the rest! Generate invoices and draw up valuable financial and management reports across a given time frame per event, per model or per company. Export these as print-ready PDF files or to Excel when required for further manipulation.