Download Portfolios and Videos for Offline Presentation

The iPad app allows you and your talent to download portfolios to an iPad while online for use when connection isn’t certain. This ensures there is no need to rely on your clients wifi.You can store multiple categories of portfolios and access and work on all of these offline.


Easily Manage Your Talent’s Portfolios From Anywhere

Apart from being beautiful, the Portfoliopad iPad App is quick, easy to use and eliminates the need for storing mountains of hard-copy portfolios. Conveniently update and manage all your talent’s portfolios remotely.


Update Portfolios with One Click!

The Portfoliopad iPad App will allow you the efficiency to update your talent’s portfolios for specific castings or clients. Once connected online, a one-click function will sync all your updates made to one or multiple portfolios.


Convenient and Money-Saving

This iPad App is far more economical than using traditional books. You talent will never need to buy another book or pay for laser copies ever again. Take the next step in going digital and experience what a pleasure creating and managing portfolios can be.