cDsOnline Model and Talent Management Software

cDs Online is the complete solution to run your agency successfully.

It is a booking database management and reporting system all in one which can also be used to send packages to your clients as well as managing your website. cDs Online is a one stop solution.

Accessible online, it is the answer to your daily worflow challenges when it comes to scheduling, activity management, invoicing, reporting, image and video delivery and much more.

Supporting this industry-leading technology is a legacy of years of refinement and world class support.


> 100% specific agenda for Models, Talent, Photo Reps, Location Agencies and Production Companies

> Charts: Manage Jobs and Options, Castings, Callbacks, Go & See, Fittings, Special events, Travels and Hotels

> Send online infosheets to your talents

> Send Packages of composites, photos and videos to your clients

> See booking agenda by talent, booker and the whole agency

> Check the performance of each talent and booker

> Reminders: cDsOnline allows you to keep track of usage renewals, clients/products exclusivities as well as other important markers for your business

> Control agency accounting and talent statements (cDs Online includes all your worktypes, link or Export to your Accounting Management Software is easy; multiple concurrent currencies are supported)

> Support: we fully train your staff on using our product. Our multi-lingual in-house dedicated support team is at your agency disposal if you ever need assistance with our solution

> Website: cDs Online is the ideal tool for managing and updating your website.

> Increase your volume of business and capacity to engage with clients

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